miercuri, 23 decembrie 2015

Photo taken at Paltinis with Cindrel mountain in background!

Photo taken at Paltinis

Photo taken at eforie north, representing the sunrise on the Black Sea!

Photo taken at Eforie

Photo taken in Marginimea Sibiului. Many visiting, a few looks. The Marginimea Sibiului, land where cattle bells wake you up in the morning and horse-drawn carts rumble; where the scent of hay haystacks, flowering meadows and scattered sheep flocks think you go to a distant realm. It's where winter still give kids the streets concealed breasts, drowned in smoke from wood fire. For many it is just an image drawn from a movie, but in Marginimea Sibiului is everyday life.

Marginimea Sibiului strung includes 18 settlements in the foothills Cindrel and Lotru. Borders history is so ancient legends that tell of a time when giants lived on these lands.

Photo taken near Marginime

luni, 21 decembrie 2015

Photo taken on the road between the Aiud and Turda representing Romanian farmers at harvest time

Photo taken near Turda

Photo taken in Sebes, representing a fortress from the 14th century made to defend the city.

Photo taken in Sebes

Photo taken inside the Turda salt mine. Turda salt mine located in the Durga-Valea Sarata is thousands of years old and the first document attesting the salt extraction dating from 1207 being issued by the office Hungarian

Photo taken inside the Turda salt mine

Photo taken at the zoo in Sibiu located in Forest Dumbrava

Photo taken at the Zoo in Sibiu

Photo taken at Curmatura Sibiu, on the way to Paltinis, the oldest mountain resort in Romania, located at an altitude of 1440m on the north eastern side of the mountains Cindrel, only 32 km from Sibiu.

Photo taken at Curmatura Sibiu